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Salaris: 13.54 euro
Opleiding: VMBO / MBO-1
Werkgever: Randstad
Regio: Limburg
Postcode: 5807EJ

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Do you have an excellent sense of technology? And do you enjoy doing manual labor? Then you can work as an production worker at DSV in Oostrum. You will produce money counting machines together with a friendly team! Are you already enthusiastic? Then read on and apply!

what we offer

  • Gross hourly wage between€ 13,27 and € 13,54
  • Day shifts from 7:15 – 16:15
  • Free on weekends!
  • Travel expenses€ 0.23 per km
  • Pension accrual from the first worked day
  • Long-term job with chance of contract from DSV

who are you

Do you have a technical background and already some experience with production work? Are you good at following English instructions by the book? Great! Then you are our production employee! To start work as an production employee, it is important that you:

  • mastered the English language in word and writing
  • have your own transport
  • can apply for a VOG

what will you do

As a production employee, you will be in charge of building money counting machines. All this according to the customer’s wishes! With instructions that are in English, you get to work! You’ll make sure everything goes smoothly with the help of your team. As a production employee you start with simple tasks to learn the work. Depending on how quickly you master the positions, you will be given more and more tasks. From then on, you will work more and more independently. So the work becomes increasingly challenging and more fun!

where will you work

Glory is like a minor factory within DSV Oostrum’s warehouse! It is a clean, bright and enjoyable working environment. As an assembly worker you will work together with a team on this technical product. This is great fun! Also, you can all benefit from one another’s knowledge. How wonderful that you always work the day shift and put in full workweeks!

  • From January, the gross hourly wage will increase, at least to€ 13,27

job application

Interested in working as a production employee? Then apply directly via the apply button below. We will contact you within 1 working day. Do you have any questions about this vacancy? Feel free to ask them!

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereen die zich hierin herkent.